Modern football is increasingly relying on speed on the playing field, whether we are talking about speed without the ball at the foot, or we are talking about speed when the football player has the ball at his foot. If some footballers or football players are endowed natively at a higher speed, others must train this ability. Regardless of which category you belong to, it should be said that today there are models of football boots that can contribute significantly to improving the speed of any football player, and one of these models is Puma Evospeed.

Puma's Evospeed is a dedicated model designed for all those who want to speed over any opponent on the football field. At the heart of the concept of the Evospeed football boot model under the Puma brand are the technologies and principles of the models shoeed by runner Usain Bolt in the races in which he managed to break the world record after world record. Technicians working for Puma have implemented these technologies in the Evospeed football boot model so as to give football players the opportunity to enjoy tremendous speed on the football field.

The features and specifications that make Puma's Evospeed football boot model a perfect model for speed improvement refer to extremely low weight, these football boots being among the lightest in the entire offer of such sports shoes, sole made of TPU material, as well as extraordinary damping on contact with the lawn thanks to SpeedTrack technology. All this together with the very comfortable and highly breathable materials that are used to make these Evospeed football boots under the Puma brand help to achieve an ideal model of football boots for all those looking to achieve the best speed on the football field.

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